York Street Brewing

York Street Brewing is a project I created for a family member who recently lost their Bernese Mountain dog and best friend, a tribute of sorts. They also do some home brewing, so it was fitting to create a hypothetical brewery centered around the canine theme. 

Starting off with several rounds of dog sketches and wishing I had one of my own, I decided on a geometric feel for the brand.

A pug, Bernese mountain dog, and husky fill the different beer labels and a brand comprised of a logo, business cards, bottle labels, 6-pack carrier, t-shirt and outdoor signage.   It was fun to work on a project outside of my usual style, and it turns out I really loved working on branding for a brewery. Hopefully the popularity of breweries means a new one will open up here in town with need of branding! If not, I'm sure I'll show up and enjoy a beer regardless.