Spokane Wellness Massage

Graphic design allows for me to interact and talk with all different kinds of people from so many walks of life. 

One week I might be working on a logo for an organization in Bangkok, and the next an illustration for friends in Portland, OR. This time around, I got to work with a client on her branding for Spokane Wellness Massage. 

After several conversations, we were able to decide on an idea. It was a combination of Buddhist symbols, which can include a floral element and are often symmetrical. The petals also look like flames, and candles are images of peace or relaxation. The branding includes a logo, business card, info brochure, gift card, coin tokens, and referral cards that are clean, simple and up to date. My hope is that the contrast in color and interesting shapes will help Spokane Wellness Massage stand out among competitors and draw passersby inside.

If you live in the Spokane area and are looking for a massage, look no further! The owner is a very nice woman who I would highy recommend! 

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