Phalang Jai

This logo was created for the outreach team "Phalang Jai," which means "strong heart" in the Thai Language. Our hope was to encourage believers in the communities, learn more about the culture, build relationships and begin taking stock of the infrastructural needs. They are hoping to send another group out this Spring to continue building relationships, facilitating a sports camp for children and meeting many basic physical/occupational therapy needs.

As often stateless communities (meaning without citizenship), these people daily go without infrastructure such as education, healthcare, government and even paved roads.   

I've never encountered a more hospitable, generous and hardworking group of people than the Karen tribes who welcomed us into their homes and lives. We were always served first, even after their day of hard work in the rice paddies. We were met with smiles and laughter, children eager to play games and enjoy a snack and adults curious and interested in who we were. 

I had the rolling mountains, billowing clouds and incredible people of the Karen tribes on my mind while I was working on the sketches for this logo. It's going to be screen-printed on t-shirts, used on the Creative Life Foundation website, and perhaps made into stickers as well.                

My time with Phalang Jai was a beautiful experience. If you want to find out more about who they are and their hopes for the Karen communities, click the button below.