JMB Design & Illustration
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Lyric Illustrations


This design is based off lyrics from Josh Garrels' "At My Table," a song about homecoming and finding acceptance. It serves as a reminder for us to include those on the margins of society, those who might otherwise be ignored or unloved. Making room at our tables doesn't need to be literal, but it is a paradigm shift towards welcoming the stranger, all too fitting during this time of crisis for both refugees and those ostracized within our own country.

How can we choose to practice welcoming the outsider into our lives? 


Lyric typography illustration based off the song "The Light Came Down" by Josh Garrels, one of my favorite singer songwriters. 


This design is based on John Mark McMillan's song "Seen A Darkness." 

Although darkness is all around (some places more obviously than others), we can see the light in any given situation. We have the ability to choose a worldview of seeing solutions instead of dwelling on problems, of seeing the good in people past their faults, in living a life of gratitude for what we have rather than envy or anger for what we don't. It's a lifestyle choice that makes a world of a difference in how we perceive and see others and approach difficult situations. I created this design to support my journey to Bangkok with the Creative Life Foundation (, and I believe it captures who they are as an organization in an overtly dark city. 

"We do not deny the darkness, we simply choose not to live in it."

This design was taken from the song > sketch > vector illustration > t-shirts, posters and more available on my society6 account here: