JMB Design & Illustration
Hope Takes Risks Final.jpg

Hope Takes Risks

Typography-driven illustration design created for screen-printed t-shirts and stickers to be used by the non-profit organization "The Creative Life Foundation," located in Bangkok, Thailand.


After a few weeks in Bangkok, I started working to create a t-shirt with that encapsulates just who the Creative Life Foundation is to me, and what they stand for.

THIS is where “Hope Takes Risks” began. This phrase has multiple meanings, all of which I got to see and live alongside for four months. Because the Hupe’s (the family who spearheaded the organization) saw hope in the kids at the CLF, in Bangkok and the darkness that so often threatens to block out the light, these kids are now full fledged learners. RISKS were taken moving to Bangkok without an agenda, investing in often transient communities, in the legal work of becoming a Foundation (ESPECIALLY as non-Thai citizens), in committing to the uncertainty of it all. RISKS were taken because a mindset and worldview of hope didn’t allow for them to sit by, and in their words,                        “we couldn’t NOT do something.”

RISKS were taken to see that hope bring about real change.

Consistently showing up, loving others well and believing in them isn’t always enough to see hope daily. It took RISKS for that hope to become a reality, not only for the Hupes but for the kids to develop self-confidence and see hope in their own stories, too, to see the light that was in them all along. 

This design was eventually screen-printed through Nightlight International in Bangkok, and we hope to create stickers, posters, etc. as well.