JMB Design & Illustration


Joey Bareither is a freelance illustrator, designer and muralist livin’ in the bustling metropolis of Spokane (Spo-CAN, and so can you), WA.



I’m a freelance designer based in Spokane, WA. No, It’s not near Seattle. Yes, it is a city. Because of my barista background, I’ve been privileged to know and work with businesses and individuals from every walk of life. I would love to know the “why’s” behind the work you do, help you define your brand visually, and treat you like a real human in the process.

Let’s figure out how to give some aesthetic gumption to your brand -whether it’s over coffee, beer, or perhaps something solid.

And maybe - just maybe - I’m your huckleberry.


Indaba Coffee Roasters
Bellwether Brewing Co.
Mandala Chai Co.
Project Six19
Creative Life Foundation
Compass Breakfast Wagon


Life Center Church
Honeybee Coffee Co.
Exile Firearms
Creole Inc.
Soul Formation
Chapel Hill Church

City of Spokane
Haha’s Teriyaki
KJ Pottery
North Monroe Neighborhood
Rockwood Bakery
Refinery Coffee Co.


Nice Package, Sprudge