HELLO THERE! My name's Joey and I can help turn your ideas into visual realities! I ALSO love to talk. That is all. (PHOTO BY CORY CRAWFORD, one cool cat)

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My name's Joey Bareither. I’m the guy behind JMB Design & Illustration.

I have a passion for collaborating, building relationships and connecting with the diversity of people I meet through creative opportunities. My hope is to bridge the gap and make connections between organizations and causes I care about and the people I meet through my work.

I strive to go beyond my ambitions as a designer, my own desires to rise up the competitive creative ladder. I want to visually explore ideas with others and bring about something much bigger than myself. I'd rather charge less as a designer and continue to work with clients who value relationships and who are using their platform for social benefit.

This has led to me design as an intern with non-profit Word Made Flesh, a small missions organization based in Portland, OR, as well as Project Six19, a start-up organization here in Spokane, WA that is stirring beautiful ideas in the youth, parents and churches in the city. I've worked with Indaba Coffee in Spokane and Honeybee Coffee Co. in Knoxville, TN, both of who use their business as a platform to love and support others in their communities. 

I’ve been blessed with opportunities to create with many in the Pacific Northwest and overseas, even leading me to Bangkok, Thailand for four months as a design intern with the Creative Life Foundation.

The relational and creative opportunities that design and illustration allow for drives me to continue creating, meeting people from all walks of life and helping bring ideas to life visually.

Don’t hesitate to shoot me an e-mail here, whether as someone seeking creative help, a cup of coffee, or just to get to know me. Either works and I’d to love to talk. I'm EXCITED to meet you.


Joey Bareither


WHOAH! Just got featured on SPRUDGE. Such an honor. Check out the link below!